Win­ter Collec­tion 2019

Ein Pro­mo­ti­on­vi­deo zur Prä­sen­ta­tion der MALZKORN Win­ter Collec­tion 2019 – zur Nut­zung auf Web­sites, sozia­len Kanä­len und Pro­jek­tio­nen im öffent­li­chen Raum.

Inspi­red by the ama­zing cha­rac­ters from „Toy Story I“ we have crea­ted this vibrant WINTER COLLECTION 2019. A visual adven­ture about the spi­rit of fri­endship and loyalty in times of fear of the stran­ger. Back from the nine­ties, strai­ght into the cold sea­son of today, we are sho­wing lumin­ous com­po­si­ti­ons in bold colors and shapes. Get going, find fri­ends.

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